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March, 2023

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How do we define our roles as Dialect Designers or Dialect Coaches, Voice Coaches, Vocal Directors, and Text-and-Speech Coaches in the rehearsal room and coaching sessions? What do directors see as our role(s)? How can we acknowledge the roles of others in the creative team, avoid “stepping on toes” and contribute effectively to an actor’s or cast’s performance. Sara Becker, Ben Furey, Gurkiran Kaur and Ursula Meyer are our panelists. The event is moderated by Adrianne Moore

April, 2023

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Sydney Time: Sunday, April 2nd at 12pm

California Time: Saturday, April 1st at 7pm

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Imagine speed dating - two strangers sitting across the virtual zoom table, getting to know each other. Now, picture a voice professor from an English University randomly paired with a public speaking coach from Alabama, USA or Adelaide, Australia, making a connection and finding areas where they can potentially mentor/nurture one another. We will celebrate and explore the intersection of specialties and areas where we can perceive a frontier in our work, ripe for growth and expansion.

Depending on the size of the group, we will go 4-6 rounds, we will collaborate as a group and in a quick round table wrap up, we will brainstorm about how to go forward.

We look forward to dating you!!
The Mentorship Initiative
Ursula Meyer, Chair
Jedd Owen-Ellis Clark, Natalia Elgueta Arias, Matthew Greenberg