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Exclusive Member Benefits

Advance your career and make an impact in the world of voice!

Our goal is for members to use VASTA as a resource for knowledge.

Membership includes complimentary online access to:

  • The Voice and Speech Review (VSR), VASTA's peer-reviewed journal
  • The VASTA Voice, VASTA's quarterly member Newsletter
  • Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (TDPT)
  • Research in Drama Education (RIDE)
  • VASTA's Trainings, Links & Other Resources
  • IPA Fonts - step-by-step instructions for writing in IPA on your computer
  • Member forums and discussion boards

Free Online Access to the Voice and Speech Review Journal

Members receive FREE online access to VASTA's yearly scholarly journal, the Voice and Speech Review, and a discounted rate of $10 for a physical, mailed copy of the journal. The journal is not available for individual purchase.


  • 30% off all Routledge Press online book orders
  • $100 off VASTA's annual conference

Funding for Member Professional Development

Annual Conference Funding Opportunities:

Virtual Trainings including:

  • Creating online courses
  • Fundamentals in running your own business
  • Finding your core coaching demographic
  • How to utilize publishing for your business
  • Creating clear and compassion contracts
  • Balancing academia and coaching
    Moving from academia to private coaching
  • Moving from coaching artists to coaching corporate clients
  • Coaching politicians, lawyers, and people in the medical field
  • Using the Zoom platform for online coaching
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to maximize your exposure and create social credibility
  • How to network with local organizations to gain clients

Support for Academics:

  • Promotion and Tenure Resources
  • Pedagogical Resources
  • Research support
  • Opportunity to present papers, workshops, lectures, etc. at VASTA's Annual Conference.
  • Opportunity to publish a paper in the Voice and Speech Review

Other perks:

  • Access to VASTA's Document Library 
  • Join the conversation with other voice colleagues on VASTA's various forums
  • Build community and connect with voice professionals from around the globe
  • Improve the visibility and prestige of your profession through a dynamic organization that shares your commitment to quality voice and speech training
  • A voice and vote at VASTA's business meetings
  • Ask questions about medical voice problems, anatomy & physiology, voice care, etc. from VASTA's Medical Advisor

Timely information about exciting worldwide workshops and conferences with subjects like:

  • Speech and Accents/Dialects 
  • Musical theatre
  • Radio & TV techniques
  • Shakespeare 
  • Singing
  • Voice & speech sciences
  • Corporate voice and speech techniques 
  • Media and other professional voice users

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