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VASTAvox 3.0 is a Google Group. It is an online community which allows both members and non-members to connect and communicate their thoughts and concerns about Voice and Speech. This Group is unmoderated and open to anyone with an interest in voice and speech. VASTA members are encouraged to subscribe.

VASTAvox was first created by Honorary Distinguished Member, Dudley Knight, in the 1990s and hosted on the University of California-Irvine Listserv. When UC-Irvine was cleaning their Listservs out, we moved to a Yahoo Group for VASTAvox 2.0. Upon the demise of Yahoo Groups, it has now moved to a Google Group amongst VASTA's Google Workplace.

The Group offers many benefits for its members to communicate with one another. It allows attachments to messages, digests sort by topic, full HTML formatting of messages, and superior archive search capabilities.


Instructions to Join

  1. Go to the VASTAvox About Page
  2. Click the ASK TO JOIN GROUP button (top of your browser).
  3. Google should show your Display name and have a check box as to whether you'd like this membership to be linked to your Google profile.
  4. Choose the type of Subscription you would like.
  5. Every New Message - You want to receive an email for each message that is sent to the group
  6. Send Daily Summaries - You want to receive a summary email of new messages once a day
  7. Combined Updates - You want to receive 25 messages bundled into a single email
  8. Don't send email updates - You do not want to receive messages to the group in your Gmail inbox, and will only use the Google Groups interface to read and respond to messages
  9. Once you have joined, you can manage your membership settings at:
  10. You can always access this and any other Groups to which you belong at:


If you would like to join and do not have a Google account, please contact