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History of VASTA Conferences

VASTA hosts an annual four to five day conference during the summer of every year--traditionally sometime around the end of July or beginning of August.  Frequently, this conference either immediately precedes or immediately follows the Association for Theatre's in Higher Education's annual conference. 

Featured Presentations

Each year the VASTA Board of Directors and Director of Annual Conferences identify a select group of professionals that have influenced the field of voice and speech and/or specifically address the conference theme. They are then invited to present at our annual conference. These presenters may be drawn from our membership or may join the conference from outside the VASTA membership and are welcomed to share their research and experience.  These featured presentations are offered to the full conference attendees. 

Invited Presentations

VASTA honors the wide array of talent possessed by its membership. Each year, VASTA invites members with theme-related skill sets and topics to join the conference workshop schedule. Invitations do most often reflect theme, yet some invitations are made based on membership demand and interest. A board member or the conference director will directly contact active members with relevant topics.

Member Presentations

VASTA also provides a way for members to submit independent ideas for workshops, panels, and papers. The Director of Annual Conferences and Workshop Coordinator read all proposals submitted through our online form. Presentations are selected based on submission criteria, theme, membership desire, and innovation.  Once selected, presenters are scheduled with a time in the conference. This celebration of our member’s talent, research, and skill is one of the most important elements of our annual conference.  It is these member presentations that create a collegial environment of learning and conversation.

2024 Announcement Coming Soon!

Hemispheric Integrations: Theoretical Frameworks for the Future of Vocal Practice & Pedagogy
La Paz, California Baja Sur, Mexico

2023 Conference Resources

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Converging Pathways
Sonoma State University, California, USA

2022 Conference Resources

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Rising Voices
Virtual Conference

2020 Conference Logo
Dreaming for the Future: Evolving Traditions - Cancelled
Sydney, Australia

2019 Conference Logo
Connectors, Communicators & Culture
Orlando, Florida, USA

2019 Conference Resources

2018 Conference Logo
Soma & Science: Bridging the Gap in
Interdisciplinary Voice Training

Seattle, Washington, USA

2018 Conference Resources
2017 Conference Logo
The Art of Storytelling

2017 Conference Resources

2016 Conference Logo
Dynamic Dialogues and Connections
Chicago, Illinois, USA

2016 Conference Resources
2015 Conference Logo
Cirque des Voix/Circus of Voices

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2015 Conference Resources

2014 Conference Logo
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama:
Voicing the Future. Reinventing Tradition

London, England

2014 Conference Documents

2013 Conference Logo
Voices of Wisdom, Spanning Generations
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
2013 Conference Resources

                                                 2012    Washington, DC USA    25th Conference Anniversary: A Voice for Good 
       2011    Chicago, Illinois, USA    Vocal Play: Improv, Comedy, Song & Character 
       2010    Mexico City, Mexico    CEUVOZ/VASTA: Muchas Lenguas, Una Voz - Many Languages, One Voice  
       2009    New York City, New York, USA     Vocal Methodologies from the Source: Lessac, Linklater, Fitzmaurice & Rodenburg
       2008    Ashland, Oregon, USA     Your Most Sweet Voices: Coaching Shakespeare  
       2007    Denver, Colorado, USA      Practical Voice Science: Watch, Learn, Play
       2006    Chicago, Illinois, USA     Babble: Encountering Sound and Speech  
       2005    Glasgow, Scotland     Breaking Boundaries: Crossing the Cultural Divide; Cicely Berry - Keynote  
       2004    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA     Diversity
       2003    New York City, New York, USA     Voice & Ritual: Beyond the Spoken Word  
       2002    San Diego, California, USA      Breathe
       2001    Chicago, Illinois, USA     The Lost Secrets of Speaking Shakespeare
       2000    Washington, DC, USA     Celebrating Difference: The Performing Voice from Around the World
       1999    Toronto, Ontario, Canada    Bridges Across Disciplines  
       1998    San Antonio, Texas, USA    Voice & Healing  
       1997    Chicago, Illinois, USA    Joint conference with ATME  
       1996    New York City, New York, USA    10th Anniversary Conference: Celebrating VASTA’s Origination Date of 1986
       1995    Berkley, California, USA    Master Teachers: Patsy Rodenburg, Jeannette Nelson & Kelly McEvenue
       1994    Evanston, Illinois, USA    Master Teachers: Michael Johnson-Chase, Ivan Midderigh, Kittie Verdolini & Ralph Zito  
       1993      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA    Vocal Extensions  
       1992    Atlanta, Georgia, USA    Linklater Training: Kristin Linklater, Susan Dibble and Louis Colaianni
       1991    Seattle, Washington, USA    Lessac Training: Vocal & Body NRG States with Arthur Lessac and Sue Ann Park
       1990    Evanston, Illinois, USA    Vocal Perspectives: Phonation/Text/Physicalization  
       1989    New York City, New York, USA    Sound Connections: Body & Voice
       1988    New York City, New York, USA    Bob Parks: Awareness Enhancement – Making the Voco/Physical Connections  
       1987    New York City, New York, USA    Inaugural Conference led by Cicely Berry, Dorothy Mennen & Bonnie Raphael