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As part of the ongoing mission of the organization, VASTA is very pleased to be able to support The Dorothy Mennen Research/Development Grant Award which provides up to $1000 to fund two VASTA members for research or professional development.

This award is named for Dorothy Runk Mennen who served as the founding president of VASTA and is affectionately known in the organization as "the mother of us all." She organized the voice and speech program for the American Theatre Association in 1968, and in 1986 helped to found VASTA.
Photo of Dorothy Mennen

Dorothy created the voice curriculum at Purdue University where she taught until 1985, and as Professor Emerita she was involved in the classroom climate interactive theatre workshop program. Dorothy continued as a vital member of the VASTA board for a good twenty years into her retirement. Dorothy's spirit of encouragement, vision of inclusivity, professionalism, determination and generosity are at the heart of VASTA's mission. Dorothy Runk Mennen passed away in early 2011, but her legacy lives on. 

VASTA Members are invited to apply for one of two awards of up to $1000.

Examples of the kinds of projects or professional development opportunities include (but are not limited to):
  • attending a workshop with a master teacher to further your development as a trainer and/or artist
  • a small research project related to voice and/or speech
  • subvention of publication of an existing manuscript
  • a travel subsidy to support training or research to cover transportation and or subsistence
  • purchase of equipment to support teaching

NOTE: We will not be accepting applications to fund electronic equipment and computers at this time.

Applicants for the Mennen Research/Project Grant should submit the following:

  1. A two-page condensed C.V.
  2. A two-page project description, which must include the following:
    • project overview and rationale
    • scope and objectives of the project
    • the significance of the project to your career
  3. A detailed budget explaining how the money will be spent, based on actual quotes (do not use rough estimates). Also include the answers to the following questions:
    • Do you intend to seek additional support or matching funds for this project? If so, please name other source(s) of funding.
    • If  we are unable to fully fund this request, would partial funding encourage institutional support for your project? If we are unable to fund fully, would you prefer not to be funded at all?
  4. If this is a research project, please include a brief statement of its relationship to existing research and literature, an outline of plans and methods, and the anticipated dates of the project.

Please Note: Applicants must be VASTA members in good standing for a minimum of four years prior to application.


Indirect cost payments are prohibited on all grants and financial awards funded by the Voice and Speech Trainers Association.

Indirect costs (also known as Facilities and Administration or Overhead costs) are expenses not directly attributable to any one project and incurred by an institution for its facilities and services. In certain cases, it is acceptable for the recipient of the grant to fund as many administrative costs as possible through direct costing of items. This direct costing is acceptable if it is included in the original grant proposal.

The committee is now accepting applications for 2023! Please contact the Awards & Grants Committee with any questions. To be considered for this funding complete the application by November 27th

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