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Where do we fit in? Identifying and Communicating the Boundaries.

Adrianne Moore | Published on 2/27/2023

Where do we fit in?

Identifying and Communicating Boundaries.

Identifying the ways Dialect, Voice, and Speech-and-Text Coaches fit and work within theatrical creative teams.


How do we define our roles as Dialect Designers or Dialect Coaches, Voice Coaches, and Text-and-Speech Coaches in the rehearsal room and coaching sessions? What do directors see as our role(s)? How can we acknowledge the roles of others in the creative team, avoid “stepping on toes” and contribute effectively to an actor’s or cast’s performance?

Join us for a lively Panel Discussion with Sara Becker, Ben Furey, Gurkiran Kaur and Ursula Meyer, moderated by Adrianne Moore.


March 26, 12.00 pm (PST), 3.00 pm (EST) 8.00 pm (BST)


This event is free but registration is required.


For further information contact Adrianne Moore: