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Lessac US Summer Intensive Workshop 2022

Tim Good | Published on 3/12/2022

Lessac US Summer Intensive Workshop
June 19 - July 16 2022

Depauw University
Greencastle, Illinois

Led by Crystal Robbins, Lessac Master Teacher
and Morné Styne, Lessac Certified Trainer



Yes, if you are: In Theatre Education: College and Secondary Educators, Advanced Students A Performance Professional: Actors, Directors, Musical Performers In Communications: Broadcasters and Presenters

DePauw University is nationally recognized for a distinctive liberal arts approach that links intellectual rigor with life’s work through extensive internship opportunities and study abroad. The campus includes new and restored living and learning facilities with leading-edge technologies. U.S. News & World Report ranks DePauw in the top tier of national liberal arts colleges. DePauw’s prize-winning faculty prepares graduates to creatively address the challenges of the world. The professional and volunteer achievements of our alumni provide ample evidence that uncommon success begins at DePauw University. Greencastle is within a three-hour drive of Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati and one hour from Indianapolis.




  • Body Alignment and Breathing Breath Support and Breath Control
  • Body energies: Potency, Buoyancy, Radiancy, Inter-involvement
  • Body movement and body aesthetics
  • Body conditioning and physical fitness
  • Body Characterization
  • Natural relaxers and energizers
  • The Body’s Natural Pain Relievers



  • The Consonant Energy Orchestra: Fluent intelligibility without rote drill Melodies, rhythms, and sustained tonal colors Variety and Contrast Interpretation
  • Structural Energy: Optimal, flexible mouth space for all speech and singing sounds
  • Relaxed and energized jaw, tongue, lips, throat, larynx
  • Quality production and identification of all vowels
  • Increased sound-wave reflection for enhanced tonal quality
  • Tonal Energy: Bone conducted vocal resonance for quality vocal tone
  • Development of full dynamic pitch range
  • Control of projection for stage, microphone, and personal use in intimate, social, or formal situations
  • Development of the male and female voices for speech and singing
  • Text and Subtext Explorations: Connecting body and vocal energies to the emotional experiencing system
  • Tono-Sensory Phonetic System: Providing organic instructions for producing quality vowels and consonants


Tim Good, Lessac Workshop Coordinator: