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Voice for the Non-performing Artist - Sarah Weatherwax

Julie Ritch | Published on 12/19/2021


Sarah Weatherwax


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“A free voice leans our bodies toward well-being, our minds toward clarity, our souls toward creativity, and our voices toward sincerity .” Sarah Weatherwax

Prerequisites for attendance:


This class is open to non-performing artists of all types. Writers, visual artists, composers. Musicians who also compose are welcome. Those whose artistry lies in crafting are welcome. Designers of all types are welcome.

Fluent ENOUGH in English to follow Sarah's instruction.


The 18-hour workshop runs over six weeks on Tuesdays, 3 hours per day – 22nd, 29th March,  5th, 12th, 19th, 26th April 2022.

One session per day:

British Standard/Day Time - 4 pm - 7 pm

US Eastern Time - 12 Noon - 3 pm

US Pacific Eastern Time - 10 am - 1 pm

Please note Daylight Saving changes in USA 12th March and UK only changes 26th March - All times will be scheduled to British Standard/Day Time hours as published. 


The artistic voice, the creative voice, the writer voice – it is all the same. Free your speaking voice and you free it all.

Find out how these body/voice warm-ups can help you work with greater ease and efficiency and release artistic blocks. A lengthened, aligned spine means more space for the impulses that run from brain to body and back again, and that can lead to clearer thinking. Deeper, freer breath means an easier time feeling and following the artistic impulses that reside deep in your body. Creating more space in the back of your mouth for your speaking voice will also create more space for your artistic voice. Utilize basic voice exercises to clear your mind and ground you in the present moment. That feeling of ‘presentness’ is where all true artistry begins. Learn how to 'do' without doubting.

What do I need:

Flexible clothing, space, small mirror, torch/flashlight, water, mat for floor work, a device with most recent Zoom downloaded on it. Please participate using a laptop, tablet or ipad, instead of a phone.

Participants are strongly encouraged to join the class from their studio, and to be ready to let this class easily flow into a return to their work as writers, composers, visual artists, etc. Even a half hour or hour of working right after class is advisable, but not required.

Learn by heart:

A poem (no more than 14 lines) that has particular meaning for you - something you need to speak right now If English is not your first language, then the text can be in your own language - please send a copy of your text and an English translation (if applicable) to asap after being accepted on to the workshop.

Designated Linklater Teacher:

Sarah Weatherwax is an actor and Designated Linklater Voice Teacher based in Toronto, Ontario. She has taught voice for the actor in numerous studios and schools, including Shakespeare & Company, Straeon Acting Studios and Brock University. She has extensive experience as a theatre actor and has done voice acting for more than 20 years, working on shows such as Coroner and Heartland, and movies such as Beeba Boys, Book of Negroes, and Random Acts of Violence. She was the recipient of a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to complete her training with the renowned Kristin Linklater in 2003. In 2019 she attended a Continued Professional Development course for established teachers at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Scotland.

Recent interesting work credits include: teaching a communication skills class for doctors at a major Toronto hospital; leading a voice workshop for the Women's Committee of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers; being a speaker and panelist at VO Atlanta, the world's largest Voice Over conference; and narrating the audiobook, Under the Bridge by Anne Bishop. Sarah has worked twice as voice coach and director for The Shoe Project, an initiative to help immigrant women develop their English language skills by writing & performing stories of their journeys to Canada. She has an on-going private practice and teaches group classes for actors from around the world online.