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In/Corporate Voice


August 6@9:00am PDT US - August 8@9:00am PDT US, 2024

48 hours of continuous live programming

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Registration and the Call for Proposals for the VASTA Virtual Symposium 2024 are now open.

In/Corporate Voice: Of the body and about the embodied voice.  

Somewhere between the specter of AI, the rise of autocracy globally and, consequently, the stifling of individual and minority voices, we invite you to join this global symposium and consider but not be limited to this question:
What happens at the intersection of the liberated embodied individual voice and the collective uprising of these voices in unity?


Virtual Symposium Registration:

The concept of a Virtual Symposium and all the 2024 symposia are direct results of the VASTA 2023 published Mission, Vision and Values that came from the VASTA membership directly:

Cost for VASTA Virtual Symposium is on a global sliding scale. Our decision to use a sliding scale for the Virtual Symposium represents our dedication to access and inclusivity.

Please pay to your own best ability understanding that VASTA is a service organization that pays for its existence from membership dues and these symposia. 

Symposium registration is open to nonmembers and VASTA members alike. Included in the registration is access to virtual symposium content for one week after the end of the symposium (Friday, August 16 at 9am PDT). VASTA members will retain access to virtual symposium content until January 1, 2025.

Register for In/Corporate Voice: 2024 Virtual Symposium

Registration Tiers:

Donor $200 USD

Professional $170 USD

Professor   $140 USD

Working Artist $110 USD

Early Professional/Grad Student $85 USD

Student $50 USD

Minimum $20 USD

  • The highest dollar cost reflects the true cost of the symposium. It is the cost that VASTA would charge all attendees in the absence of a sliding scale. This rate supports members attending at the lowest rate while fulfilling VASTA’s mission to build its community through efforts of accessibility.
  • The middle costs reflect VASTA’s acknowledgment that paying the highest rates may be cost-prohibitive to some, but the lowest rates are best reserved for those needing financial support. These rates support members with a “middle-ground.”
  • The bottom cost represents an honest acknowledgment by VASTA that there are folks whose economic circumstances would prevent them from being a part of this event if there was not a deliberate opportunity made for them to access services at a cost that is reflective of their economic realities. We want you in our community and hope this rate is accessible to you. We will work with folks to offer extended payment plans and other solutions if the lower tier is still prohibitive.

Register for In/corporate Voice: 2024 Virtual Symposium

Virtual Symposium Call for Proposals:


Having issues with the embedded Google form? Click the link below to access the Virtual Symposium Proposal Form.