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Photo of Ursula Meyer

Ursula Meyer

Committee Chair

The VASTA Mentorship Initiative is a new program which will open up avenues of mentorship and peer support to all of our members. The initiative will facilitate events, gather resources, and set up facilities to allow our newer members to gain valuable insight from our more experienced members.

We will also facilitate semi-formal relationships between peers at similar career points who wish to exchange ideas, advice, and experiences with those facing similar challenges and milestones. We want to empower all members by harbouring a culture of knowledge-sharing, open communication and championing our most valuable resource - ourselves!

Committee Members:

Jedd Owens-Clark
Amy Chaffee

Board Liaison: Ann Marie Pollard
VASTA members are invited to take part in a rewarding and enriching endeavour. This initiative will facilitate events, gather resources, and set up systems to allow our newer members to gain valuable insight from our more experienced members, while also promoting peer to peer relationships useful for feedback, ideas-sharing and career development support.

To sign up to be a mentor, go to your member profile and look for the box labeled "Website". Click on "VASTA's Programs" and you will find a list of categories in which you can offer to mentor another VASTA member.

If you are looking for a mentor, mentorship categories are searchable within the members-only directory on the far right of the main menu, AFTER you log in!

This initiative proudly offers:

Conference Sessions

Roundtable meetings, cocktail hours, dinners, or individual meetings between pairs or groups of pairs will be held at VASTA conferences. These sessions will be a time to make connections, brainstorm, and collect further mentoring ideas in an informal setting.

Zoom Panels

These periodic, online chat sessions will allow those with more experience in our field join an online forum with those who wish to know more.

Mentor/Mentee Pairings

VASTA members will facilitate mentorship relationships with those wishing to share knowledge, and those seeking guidance in their careers. This branch of the initiative will commence shortly- keep an eye out or fill in the Mentorship Initiative Interest Survey below to be kept in the loop. Very exciting!

Peer Support Partnerships

This idea is modeled on the peer observation programs in place at some universities and facilitates partnerships between those at a similar stage in their careers. Peer Support Partnerships are designed to provide observation, feedback, and support among peer colleagues. As with the Mentor/Mentee pairings, we will shortly launch a page of the VASTA website to allow members to upload profile information and search through other profiles to find their perfect Peer partnership. Stay tuned for more on this...

To be notified of the upcoming Zoom Panels, and to contribute ideas to assist in the development of the initiative, please fill out the Mentorship Initiative Interest Survey below.  Also, keep an eye out on the VASTA facebook page and the VASTA newsletter for more updates.


Speed Dating with the VASTA Mentorship Initiative

Do you want some mentorship, whether it's peer to peer or from someone more experienced? Do you need some encourgement for your symposia idea?

Just curious about what other VASTA members are up to? Join us for three upcoming speed dating events!

Sunday, June 9
4pm PT / 7pm ET / 9am AEST (10 June)
Find your time:
with Ursula Meyer

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Register to attend the June Speed Dating event!

Sunday, September 8
9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST
Find your time:
with Matthew Greenberg

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Register to attend the September Speed Dating event! 

Saturday, December 7
4pm PT / 7pm ET / 11am AEST (8 December)
Find your time:
with Steven Rimke

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Register to attend the December Speed Dating event!