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Photo of Amy Stoller
Amy Stoller
Outgoing Chair

ArtsCore is dedicated to the needs and interests of arts and entertainment industry freelancers. Whether you think of yourself as a freelancer, short-term hire, gig worker, independent contractor, or private/sole/self-employed practitioner, if you specialize in providing professional voice, speech, and text coaching services to people, productions, and organizations in the arts and entertainment industry, you’re one of us, and this group is for you. Welcome!

Planning Group:

Amy Stoller (Outgoing Chair)
Douglas N. Honorof
Adrianne Moore (Incoming Chair)

ArtsCore is on hiatus …

… as our Outgoing Chair hands over to our Incoming Chair, and we fine-tune our Manual of Operations. In the meantime, we seek volunteers with ideas for freelance arts & entertainment industry-related events they’d like to present or participate in. Please fill out our Event Proposal Form or send a message to

Propose an ArtsCore Event!

Past Events:

Voice Preservation in a Jam: Inside the Video-Game Studio. Oct. 3, 2021. In the video-game industry, young actors may be hired who haven’t acquired vocal-support skills. Experienced actors may be hired who once had heightened-voice training—but haven’t used it in ages. How can a coach help performers on the spot?  Julia Lenardon* and a panel of voice actors and coaches shared techniques for avoiding vocal damage while performing creature noises, death screams, and battle cries. With John Nelles* and D’Arcy Smith.* Video and supplementary materials here.
* VASTA member

ArtsCore Roundtable: Film & Television Dialect Coaching, led by Doug Honorof,* July 11, 2021. Experienced coaches (25 + feature or episodic coaching credits) were given a safe space for a gently guided water-cooler conversation, while early-career coaches, occasional coaches, and coaches-in-training got to be flies on the wall. This event was not recorded. Owing to popular demand, we hope to offer Part 2—just as soon as we can finish herding all the cats.
* VASTA Member

Language, Voice, & Speech Practice In Australasian Theatre & Film. Apr. 9, 2021
. What are the roles of voice and speech coaches in the Australasian arts and entertainment industry? How do cultural norms shape vocal practices? New Zealand-born dialect coach Adrianne Moore* got insights from Australian theatre coach Jennifer Innes,* Australian film and television coach Jenny Kent,* New Zealand theatre and film coach Alexandra Whitham,† and New Zealand actor-playwright Mitch Tawhi Thomas.† Video and supplementary materials here.
*VASTA member Joined VASTA following Event.

Dialect Coaching to Music: Opera/Art Song Edition
. Feb. 28, 2021. Opera director Keturah Stickann introduced us to language and diction coaching in the opera and art song world, with singers and coaches Stefano de Peppo, Simon Gfeller, Kathryn LaBouff, & Erie Mills. Video and supplementary materials