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Photo of Erin Washington
Erin Washington
Committee Chair

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee serves to bring awareness to our voice community to help, support and encourage practices that reflect equity, diversity and inclusion.

VASTA serves a diverse constituency of theater professionals, academics, and voice professionals. As national demographics reflect the rich cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of our planet, VASTA recognizes that it begins its 21st year as an organization predominantly comprised of Caucasian members with educational and artistic methods derived primarily from Eurocentric, specifically Anglo-American, forms, traditions, and texts.

Committee Members:

Cynthia Santos-DeCure
Joy Lanceta Coronel
Micha Espinosa
Amy Mihyang Ginther
Elisa Gonzalez
Sammi Grant
Michelle Lopez-Rios
Olisa Enrico-Johnson
Donzell Lewis
Kristen Loree
Robin Miles
Marie Ramirez-Downing
Judy Shahn
Scott Stackhouse
Elizabeth Terrel
Hetal Varia
Alison Vasquez

Board Liaison: 
Cynthia Santos-DeCure

Dear Members,

We are looking forward to the next in our series of EDI panel events and hope that many of you will be able to join us.

Last year we ran an anti-oppression panel, which focussed on questions of identity, race, and voice and speech in North America. This was followed by our accessibility panel, considering questions of inclusion for disabled actors and coaches. Both of these panels were timetabled to include as wide a group of people as possible, but inevitably this favoured certain time zones, with a particular difficulty for our Asian, Australian and New Zealand members to attend.

Our next panel continues our discussion of race with a focus on Anti-racist practices with speakers from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We hope that the majority of our members in these areas will be able to attend and do encourage those members in the North America that can make the time to try to join, where possible.

We have an exciting panel representing diverse experiences from the three countries, please see bios below. As with previous events, this panel will not be recorded to allow for more open conversation.

See the Info Packet below with Who's Who of our Fantastic Panelist and Moderators!



Following the success of the recent North American focused Anti-Oppression Panel, this panel event will continue the conversation with speakers from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Anti-Racist Practices: A Global Conversation Panel Series #3

Pamela Jikiemi – RADA, London
Georgina Naidu – VCA, Melbourne
Mitch Thomas – Toi Whakaari, Wellington

Hosted by:
Daron Oram – RCSSD, London
Alexandra Whitham – Unitec, Auckland

Saturday, July 10th: 9am London, 6pm Melbourne, 8pm Auckland
(1am PST, 4am EST)

This event will be open to VASTA members.




If you have questions, ideas, or thoughts for the committee, please contact Erin Washington, committee chair.