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Janel Miley and Brett Radke
Committee Co-Chairs

EduCore is an interest group that encourages and supports members of VASTA to engage in an ongoing inquiry into their pedagogy, research projects, and scholarly creative activity. EduCore is committed to developing a thriving community of practice-based researchers, investigators, data gatherers, and inquirers. 

Eric Armstrong
Luis Aros

Rachel Carter
Sammi Grant
Gurkiran Kaur
Janel Miley (co-chair 2021-2023)
Ann Marie Pollard (past chair 2021-2022)
Brett Radke (co-chair 2021-2023)
Hetal Varia
Alexandra Whitham
Mark Wong

Board Liaison: Adi Cabral

Join us February 13th at 3pm CST/February 14th 8am AEDT for 90 minutes of reserved time to prepare for your next conference, article, or workshop proposal. Find your time zone here.


We will have resources and presentations from past conference planners and VSR personnel to share insights and answer questions. Asynchronous interaction will be made available on February 13th in the form of prompts and peer editor matching.

This is a 'Members Only' event. VASTA members, be sure to log in to access the Zoom link.

View Event Information Here

Upcoming proposal deadlines to consider:

· VASTA Annual Conference: February 15th

· Theatre, Dance, and Performance Training Special Issue on Wellbeing: March 1st

· VASTA Newsletter Member Articles/Columns: March 1st

· Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship: March 7th

(PAVA Symposium Abstracts are due February 8th, which will be before our meeting, but you can work on your presentation or dream up a proposal for 2022! Or start thinking about a submission for the Voice Foundation Symposium: October 2021 for 2022 Symposium)