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Britany Bara & Alexandra Whitham
Committee Co-Chairs


EduCore is an interest group that encourages and supports members of VASTA to engage in an ongoing inquiry into their pedagogy, research projects, and scholarly creative activity. EduCore is committed to developing a thriving community of practice-based researchers, investigators, data gatherers, and inquirers. 

Eric Armstrong

Rachel Carter
Jillian Courtney
Lisa Dallinger

Sammi Grant
Gurkiran Kaur
Janel Miley (past co-chair)
Brittany Bara (co-chair 2023-2024)
Brett Radke (past co-chair)

Hetal Varia
Alexandra Whitham (co-chair 2023-2024)
Mark Wong

Board Liaison: Gwendolyn Schwinke

The EduCore committee will be hosting a virtual Resource Club event on Saturday, October 28th, 2023 at 12:00pm PDT / 3:00pm EDT. Jillian Courtney, will be moderating a Q&A and discussion with author, Amy Ginther. We will be discussing Ginther’s new book, Stages of Reckoning: Antiracist and Decolonial Actor Training.

Stages of Reckoning is a crucial conversation about how racialized bodies and power intersect within actor training spaces.

This book provokes embodied and intellectual discomfort for the reader to take risks with their ideologies, identities, and practices and to make new pedagogical choices for students with racialized identities. Centering the voices of actor trainers of color to acknowledge their personal experience and professional pedagogy as theory, this volume illuminates actionable ideas for text work, casting, voice, consent practices, and movement while offering decolonial approaches to current Eurocentric methods. These offerings invite the reader to create spaces where students can bring more of themselves, their communities, and their stories into their training and as fodder for performance making that will lead to a more just world.

This book is for people in high/secondary schools, higher education, and private training studios who wish to teach and direct actors of color in ways that more fully honor their multiple identities.

Jillian Courtney is the Head of Voice and Speech at Long Island University and the 2023 Clyde Vinson scholar. She coaches actors and other humans to integrate their speech and communication with their internal desire to connect; making that which is inside come out with passion, skill and in order to create valuable connection on both sides. Her research is in working with artists, LGBTQIA+, and neurodivergent people to find authenticity, progressive communication and/or social safety through skillful communication.

EduCore Resouce Club: Amy Ginther's Stages of Reckoning

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