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Weekly Linklater Live Webinar, Nov. 12, 11AM EST to 12PM (noon) EST

Sarah Weatherwax  | Published on 11/9/2020
Join an international community of actors & voice teachers for a one hour warm-up to benefit the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Scotland. Linklater Live Webinars are offered weekly, Thursdays at 11AM EST, with teachers donating their time to keep this beautiful centre dedicated to the speaking voice operational.

Weekly Fundraising Linklater Live Webinars are being offered Thursdays at 11AM EST. Teachers are donating their time. All proceeds go to KLVC. In this week's warm-up, led by Sarah Weatherwax, we will trace a path for ease between the inner layer of muscles, where creativity lives, and the outer layer of muscles that guide connection with others on voice. Length in the spinal column, stretchy space between the ribs, and freedom in the pelvic region will expand space for breath and voice, so thoughts and feelings find full expression, and the body is left open for the cycle of listening, creating, expressing.

15 GBP

Kristin moved back to the Orkney Islands in Scotland after a prolific and impressive career as an actor, voice teacher, writer, director in North America and Europe. She returned to the windswept island of her childhood to open the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre, a stunning place where she had her studio and home, facing the rolling pastures with the ocean beyond, and a short walk to ruins dating back 5,000 years. Since its inception in 2014, it has been consistently busy with an international array of actors & voice teachers as well as local clients. Kristin Linklater passed away in June, 2020. Designated Linklater teachers, along with Kristin's brother Magnus, her son the talented Hamish Linklater, and three women in Quayloo, Orkney: Yvonne, Rena and Julie, are working together to keep this centre open. It is our hope that we can get past this time of international travel restrictions and once again invite actors and teachers to train at KLVC with Designated Linklater Teachers.

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